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If your child is looking to get into golf and grow a real love for the game, it is key for them to have the skills for them to have to confidence to play in tournaments. Our programs help junior golfers to build the correct mindset for golf, create good fundamental skill sets, and develop the confidence needed to compete. Click on more information to read on. More Information  
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What is your improvement system?
Our improvement system is based on "hats". The hats are based on the distances. For example, the white hat equals 100 yards, yellow hat equals 150 yards and orange hat equals 200. In order to move up to the next hat category the junior golfer must score 39 or less for each distance. Your child will be taught skills based on his or her hat level in order to improve their performance in tournament Golf.
How do I pick the right program for my child?
Bring them out to a free session and based on this we will evaluate their skills and put them in our improvement system.
Do they need to have previous experience in a tournament?
No, each class is broken up by skill level. This means the junior golfers will be playing and learning with others who have the similar experience and skill as them.
How do I pay for my child's program?
We accept all credit cards on our online registration. You will have the option to pay in full or in a series of payments.
How do I sign up?
All sign ups are online, making it easy, quick and secure. Just click the green box below to get started!
What happens when there is inclement weather?
We try and hold class as much as possible, so please be prepared to bring them, even if it is raining. We will only cancel class if the range is closed or if the weather is REALLY bad. If we do end up having to cancel class due to inclement weather, no sessions are lost. In bad weather, sessions are held inside where we will work with the students on club handling games (putting, chipping). Our coaches will also work on the First Tee curriculum.
What is your absent policy?
Absence Policy For each "monthly payment" you get 4 sessions, all absences will be deducted as if you were in attendance. There are not any make-up classes for any absences. If your junior is playing in a golf tournament on the day of class, we will mark them as excused and a session will be added to the end of their commitment.
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Isabella Roman
The girls are having so much fun!
The advance coaching has helped to make playing tournaments fun again!!

Aden Kelly
I shot 39 for nine holes and have my yellow hat now!
I worked hard with my coach on putting and I played great in this event!

Jessie Goldstein
I won my first junior event!
I love coming out to the on-course sessions! I have learned how to stay positive when I hit bad shot.

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The best way for you to find what program best fits your junior golfer, is for us to contact you to set up a game assessment. Get in contact with the Coach to get it scheduled!