Junior Weekly Coaching


At Will Robins Golf our goal is to give juniors the coaching, instruction, and positive support needed for them to improve their games and to grow as individuals. Our philosophy goes beyond just golf lessons, we have a clear path for our juniors to follow to enable them to see long term improvement and achieve their golfing potential. Click on more information to read on. More Information  
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Does my child need clubs?
If your child does not have clubs please let us know and we will provide them. If your child has clubs please bring them to class so we can make sure they are fitted properly. If you'd like to buy equipment for your child, we can provide recommendations on the best, most cost effective vendor to purchase them from.
How do I sign up?
All sign ups are online, making it easy, quick and secure. Just click the green box below to get started!
What’s included in the Junior program?
• 1.5 hours of coaching weekly • Logo hat
How do I find out which program is right for my child?
On the sign up page you will see the groups are age- and skill-level specific. Within each team we group players who are comparable in ability. Your child will feel comfortable in the session and increase their learning ability by being paired with other players of similar skill.
What happens when there is inclement weather?
We try and hold class as much as possible, so please be prepared to bring them, even if it is raining. We will only cancel class if the range is closed or if the weather is REALLY bad. If we do end up having to cancel class due to inclement weather, no sessions are lost. In bad weather, sessions are held inside where we will work with the students on club handling games (putting, chipping). Our coaches will also work on the First Tee curriculum.
Where do I meet my Coach and Team for Camps?
Sign in for camp at the registration desk prior to the start of camp. The registration table will either be by the pro shop or the 1st tee.
Where do I meet my Team and Coach for Year Round Coaching?
Meet the team and coaches on the main putting green to the right of the clubhouse at Empire Ranch. Our coaches were bright green golf shirts. Please arrive at least 5 mins prior to the start of class so class can begin promptly.
What does my child need to bring to class?
Please have them bring a water bottle, sunblock, proper clothing for the current weather and clubs, if they have them. Golf shoes and gloves are not necessary.
What is your absent policy?
Our absence policy is as follows: You will be marked as excused and a session will get added to the end of your commitment if your junior is playing in a golf tournament, any other absences count as an attended class and are charged.
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John Crenshaw
Fan of the Will Robins 1st Tee program!
Will's philosophy of teaching core values, instilling confidence, and making the game of golf fun for young kids is really special. I'm so impressed with my daughter's understanding of the core values and how they apply to everyday life that goes so far beyond just learning the game of golf.

James Fletcher
Golf is now my son's sport of choice!
Thomas has taken to Golf and loves the coaches. We're so grateful for the commitment that the coaches make in order to make the classes fun and making the game understandable.

Jayden's Mom
Summer camp was amazing!!
My kids loved golf so much at camp they are now in the year round coaching and loving it.

John Draver
Luke has found his sport!
My son had the time of his life this summer! He enjoyed all the games and drills. He looked forward to everyday to learn and spend time with his coaches.

Learn More About WRGolf Junior Weekly Golf Coaching

The best way for your child to find out if they enjoy the game of golf is to come out and join us in a free trial session. They can experience our coaching first-hand. If they do not have clubs, no need to worry, we have those also!